Food FAQ’s

Food FAQ’s

Can special dietary arrangements be accommodated?

Yes. You can discuss this with the caterer. You should also remember to ask guests about dietary restrictions when inviting them so the menu can be adjusted.

Can I bring in a cake from a baker?


If I bring my own wedding cake, will The Centre set it up?

It is the clients’ responsibility to set-up their own wedding cake. Please ensure you advise The Centre the time the cake will be delivered and if a separate table is required for it. Also let The Centre know if you would like to have the cake sliced and served (complementary). If you wish to keep any portion of the cake, please advise The Centre.

There will be children attending my reception. Do you provide high chairs?

The Centre does not provide high chairs or booster seats. Parents should be advised to bring their own.

Can I have a chocolate fountain at my reception?

Unfortunately, chocolate fountains are not permitted.

Can I use a caterer outside of your ‘approved list’?

Yes, however there will be a facility usage fee billed to you of  20% of your retail food cost based on your caterers invoice. They will also need to provide a copy of their business licence, insurance and the past 3 years of health inspection reports. Additional requirements may be added as our internal program evolves.